Centaur EST. 1768

City Cafe in the heart of the ancient city


The walls of café «Centaur» keep in memory the information about its inhabitants since the 16th century. In 1578 here settled a fur-dresser Avenshtor – Kamienica, a residential building was called after him. At the beginning of the 19th century in 34 Market Square there was housed the Milikovski’s bookshop. Later on in 1847 Ludwig Stadtműller opened a restaurant and a wine market. From the opposite side there he had a hotel.

Today’s «Centaur» was then “the only place in Galicia were people could buy a real authentic wine » - if what is written in «The illustrated “skorowidz” of the capital city of Lviv» is true. (1894.).

The documents certify that in 1932 Richard Stadtműller was the owner, and it is also stated in documents that in 1940 it was turned into «a public canteen No.22». Within the period from 1950 to 1960s, the building, where «Centaur» is now, became the wine market again and in the year of 1968 it was turned into the legendary coffeehouse « At the market» that became the centre of Lviv Bohemia and because of this reason it had been kept watch over the Committee for State Security for a long time. At that particular time «Centaur» engaged people’s hearts: in 1970 the sculptor Bohdan Romanets created his legendary high relief of Centaur from the outside of Krakivska street. Since then no other name couldn’t “hang on” to this place. One more artistic imprint of those days – «Grape harvesting» wall painting, created by the famous master Volodymyr Patyk in 1970, and having been restored nowadays. By the way one can see the Centaur’s clerks of the time depicted on it.

Present-day «Centaur» is a city café that is located in the very heart of ancient but always modern Lviv. There are a lot of festivals, fairs, celebrations swirling around; we live in a rhythm of the city.

A particular treasure of Centaur is its unique collection of menus of the beginning of the 20th century that belonged to the Duke of Kurnonskyi , and now it is the part of Vardkes Arzumanyan’s private collection of menus. Exhibits from the walls of “Centaur” can tell not only about food and beverages the customers of the restaurant were entertained with at the beginning of the century but also about the participants of those evening meals as well as about the relations between art and gastronomy of that time.

First of all these menus will be of great interest for fine art experts – because the famous painters and engravers participated in their creation, among which: (Louie Jeux, F. Fabiano, J. Will, L. Lebesgue, R.Serres, J.Aimard etc). High cuisine was inextricably connected with art. The gem of Centaur’s collection is the menu of Stadtműller’s restaurant which dates from the 19th century. Our waiters will show you what was served up in our restaurant more than 150 years ago.

Cellar «Centaur» what a surprise - close ranks twists home full of summer flavors and colors.

Authentic stone walls hiding guest in comfort and lovely vintage items tell the story of daily life Lviv.

The Centaur’s kitchen embodies «Lviv as it is » in all its testes and dishes. Traditional Lviv city cuisine is the richest in Ukraine because it is known that Lviv was always a multinational city and the interchange of different cultures referred to cuisine as well.

In “Centaur” an extremely popular Lviv drink is treated with great care – coffee is roasted here by our own hands. There was even created our own blending called “Arabica Centaur”.The experienced baristas know the whole way that coffee went from the place it was grown up till it was poured into you cup. Sweets prepared with our own hands are worth tasting together with coffee: a traditional Lviv cheese cake, air macaroni and many other tasty things. If you like, you have an opportunity to take gastronomic souvenirs with you, which includes: Centaur coffee, marmalade, jam and sweets etc».

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